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About Harlequin Logistics

We are refreshingly different to everything else currently available in the UK marketplace.

We combine the best of traditional haulage with the modern, value-add features of 4PL.

We offer outstanding service at competitive prices by harnessing the operational capacity of our shareholder hauliers through a single point of contact. This forms the UK’s only genuinely collaborative logistics business.

Here are a few keys things about us:


  • We are owned by our management and shareholder hauliers, all of whom take a seat on our board.
  • Our management are time-served UK-haulage professionals.
  • Our hauliers own shares in Harlequin, and are therefore very committed to our business, and servicing our customers’ requirements.
  • We employ quality people, train them well and encourage them to build relationships with hauliers and customers.


  • We truly do offer a collaborative approach to transport, which removes empty miles, cost and CO2 from Britain’s roads.
  • We have an outstanding IT system, but think having real people and lots of trucks is more important. 75% of our customers’ loads move on a truck we own – this is why you can trust us.
  • Our product is targeted at transport buyers aiming to lose the hassle of managing lots of small hauliers, but not wanting to pay top dollar to a big corporation.


  • We hate pretentious corporate jargon.
  • We hate rudeness and believe respect is the most important quality in business.
  • We have very low central overheads and are much more flexible and user-friendly than the big PLC’s.
  • If there is a problem, we prefer to speak rather than exchange emails copied to the world. We are UK-based and all know how to operate a phone and drive a car. The one piece of jargon we do like is: ‘people deal with people’.

Watch ITN explain more about us

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