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Harlequin Freight

This product provides flexible, scalable, easy-to-use haulage for shippers whose operational requirements are aligned with our regional strengths.

It also suits clients who want to supplement existing haulage arrangements by outsourcing defined packages of volume to a reliable supplier.

Our freight division has the following features:



Our combined asset base makes us big players in the ambient curtain-sider haulage market.

With upwards of 1,300 vehicles operating from 23 locations we are well-placed to assist clients in a range of sectors.


Operating on a national, regional and local basis, across a 24x7x364 profile allows Harlequin and its shareholders to deal effectively with the demands of most customers.

We are therefore well-placed to handle both regular, contract-backed work and clients with more variable demand patterns.

Value Add

We are able to accommodate both part and full-loads and due to our regional strengths are able to operate on a cost-effective basis in traditionally awkward-to-service areas such as Scotland, Ireland, East Anglia and Wales.

For Harlequin Freight enquiries:

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